We remove counterfeit medicines from the online marketplace.

We find sites and listings of illegal pharmaceuticals. We get them shut down.


The automated system for detecting and deleting illegal online pharmacies


We automate the discovery of illegal online pharmacies with our own custom built system.  

If there are 10,000 rogue sites selling a given medicine, we'll find each of them and provide a comprehensive report.


Using historic data and behaviour patterns, we thoroughly analyse each detected site.

We aim to take down not just one pharmacy, but whole networks of bad actors - creating a major impact.


We provide the evidence to registrars, hosting companies, governments and law enforcement— allowing them to take quick action.

Pharma fraudsters are taken down with a single sweep.

Why We're Different

We’re focused solely on counterfeit medicines. 

We’re not finding fake designer dresses on the side— counterfeit meds are all we optimise for.

Our system is highly automated, making us precise, detailed, and fast. The online anatomy of counterfeit meds is our bread and butter.

This Really Matters!

With over 100,00 lives lost yearly,
$200 billion traded, and reputations harmed...
Counterfeit medicines being sold online is a huge problem.

This brief testimony from safeMedicines.org details
the real life impact of counterfeit medicines:

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A lot of the things we do, can be partially achieved at very small scales with manual labour. However, with thousands of illegal Pharmacies online, manual effort is not sustainable. Contact us today for an impactful, comprehensive service

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